Songs from 1988-2016, remastered and finally officially released!

1 If I Follow You
2 The Harder You Try
3 Father’s Day
4 Waiting in the Wings (feat. Melina Kanakaredes)
5 Babe
6 Light a Candle
7 I’ve Got Hope
8 Deep Breaths
9 Two Sides
10 In Love With You
11 Every Day (Song for Kristen)
12 Tune You Out
13 Trouble Dealin’
14 Alone Again With You
15 My Tears Are Locked Inside My Heart
16 Denise’s Song
17 When We Kiss Again
18 I’ll Have to Run

Hope you like it!

Mastering by Rory Caponigro
Artwork by Laurence Hart and Corey Genthe
All songs copyright Michael Dalton
Melon Records


Christmas And Other Seasonal Decision

1. O Holy Night
2. Christmas Eve
3. The Little Drummer Boy
4. Christmas (If I Can’t Have You)
5. January
6. Trouble
7. I’m Gonna Love You Forever
8. That Heaven Again
9. Burning Bridges
10. All Over Again
11. Don’t Cry Now
12. Another Reason To Stay Together
13. Design For Blue
14. Autumn Love
15. O Holy Night
16. Christmas Eve
17. The Little Drummer Boy
18. Christmas (If I Can’t Have You)
19. From Time To Time
20. No Time For You
21. The Light Of Edison & Dawn
22. It’s Alright With Me
23. Incredible You
24. Take A Ride

This is collection of songs. Some Christmas, some otherwise, some masters, some demos, some fast, some slow, some old, some new, some happy, some sad, some mad, some you’ve heard, some you have not. I hope you find a place in your life for some of them. Happy Christmas!


1.  Stairs of Love
2.  Primrose Lane
3.  I Can’t Save It Now 
4.  For Life
5.  Goober
6.  One More
7.  Needle In My Vein
8.  College Ave.
9.  The Story Of My Life
10.  Anymore
11.  Coming Down From The High
12.  Make Way For My Son
13.  On Me
14.  You’ll Never Know
15.  If My Dad Was Hip
16.  Love
17.  The Ship Must Sail
18.  Love Keeps Me Waiting




1.  Walked On My Lover 
2.  Mystery 
3.  Somebody Else In Min
4.  Run Through The Flowers
5.  For You
6.  So Why Be?
7.  Carnival Head
8.  The Waiting Game
9.  Ocean
10. Train To Glory
11. I Won’t Bail On You
12. Never Enough
13. Go It Alone
14. Crowded Roads 
15. Maryjane


Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at Oct 8, 2013 |12.45.38 AM

Sconsin Babu

1.  West Lake/Say It Right
2.  On 
3.  Wonder Full Life
4.  What Are We Gonna Do?
5.  My Lover
6.  Glass Of Wine 
7.  All Of My Senses
8.  Two Sides/G-d/The Jealousy Pole
9.  Precedense
10.  Hard To Find
11.  Gentle Man 
12.  “At Last”
13.  Love Without Love
14.  Around You
15.  Love You 
16.  Maritime Tropical Girl
17.  So, Like The Rain
18.  Close My Eyes



1.   My Scenery
2.   Ghosts 
3.   I Don’t Wanna Live With You
4.   Rapid Rain 
5.   Lanes Mill Road 
6.   Angel Boy
7.   In This Little World With Me
8.   Picture With No Color 
9.   My Sentiments For You
10. More Than Eyes
11. In Nam
12. Missy’s Chills

Bonus Tracks
13.  How ‘Bout Now
14.  Egos (The Fall Of 1995)
15.  I’m Only A Singer
16.  When Angles Dance On Your Eyes


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