19th (wed): Farrell’s (Trio 8 pm)
20th (thur): Idle Hour (Trio 8 pm)
21st (fri): Bum Rogers (full band)
22nd (sat): Winward Tavern (Trio 9 pm)
26th (wed): Idle Hour (full band)
27th (thur): Winward Tavern (Thanksgiving Tailgate! Trio 9 AM)
28th (fri): Farrell’s
29th (sat): Connolly Station


3rd (wed): Farrell’s (Trio 8 pm)
4th (thur): Idle Hour (Trio 8 pm)
5th (fri): Leggett’s
10th (wed): Farrell’s (trio 8 pm)
11th (thur): Idle Hour (Trio 8 pm)
12th (fri): Winward Tavern (Trio 9 pm)
13th (sat): Connolly Station
17th (wed): Farrell’s (trio 8 pm)
19th (fri): Idle Hour
20th (sat): Bum Rogers (full band)
23rd (tues): Connolly Station
26th (fri): Wedding (Danielle & Bob) (7 – 11 pm)
27th (sat): Winward Tavern (Trio 9 pm)
31st (wed): Martell’s New Year’s Eve Party w/ MDB & Dr. Cheeko


2nd (fri): Idle Hour
3rd (sat): Winward Tavern (Trio 9 pm)
7th (wed): Farrell’s (Trio 8 pm)
9th (fri): Leggett’s
10th (sat): Winward Tavern (Trio 9 pm)
14th (wed): Farrell’s (Trio 8 pm)
15th (thur): Idle Hour (Trio 8 pm)
16th (fri): Farrell’s
17th (sat): Connolly Station
21st (wed): Farrell’s (Trio 8 pm)
22nd (thur): Winward Tavern (Trio 9 pm)
28th (wed): Farrell’s (Trio 8 pm)
29th (thur): Idle Hour (Trio 8 pm)
31st (sat): Jax Garage


7th (sat): Idle Hour
12th (thur): Idle Hour (Trio 8 pm)
13th (fri): Farrell’s
14th (sat): St. Stephen’s Green (Trio 9 pm)
20th (fri): Leggett’s
21st (sat): Connolly Station
26th (thur): Idle Hour (Trio 8 pm)
28th (sat): Jax Garage


Updated November 19th 2014

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