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The Mike Dalton Band Schedule

(all show times 10 PM, unless otherwise noted)

23rd (wed): Idle Hour
24th (thur): Winward Tavern (Kegs & Eggs 9 am !!)
25th (fri): River Rock (Duo 4 – 7 pm)
26th (sat): Leggett’s

1st (thur): Harrigan’s (Duo 7 pm)
2nd (fri): Wedding (Jayme & Bryan) (7 – 10 pm)
3rd (sat): Anchor Tavern
6th (tues): Private Party (5 – 9 pm)
8th (thur): Harrigan’s (Duo 7 pm)
9th (fri): Private Party @ Boonton Station (8 pm)
15th (thur): Harrigan’s (Duo 7 pm)
16th (fri): Leggett’s
22nd (thur): Harrigan’s (Duo 7 pm)
23rd (fri): Harpoon Willies (Trio 9 – 12)
29th (thur): Harrigan’s (Duo 7 pm)
31st (sat): Wedding (Andrew & Beth) (8:00 pm – 12:30 am)

5th (thur): Harrigan’s (Duo 7 pm)
6th (fri): Idle Hour
7th (sat): Winward Tavern (9 pm)
12th (thur): Harrigan’s (Duo 7 pm)
13th (fri): Harpoon Willy’s (Trio 9 pm)
14th (sat): Leggett’s
19th (thur): Harrigan’s (Duo 7 pm)
20th (fri): Brielle Ale House (full band)
21st (sat): Winward Tavern (9 pm)
26th (thur): Harrigan’s (Duo 7 pm)
28th (sat): Harrigan’s (Duo 9 pm)


Updated November  21st, 2016
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The Mike Dalton Band Live

The Mike Dalton Band Live

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Mike Dalton Music

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